Winter Newsletter 2020

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Newsletter –Winter 2020

Welcome to our Winter newsletter!

  • A word from our President.
  • New Associate Board Member.
  • Winter driving tips.
  • A chat with one of our members – Gary Duncis.
  • Upcoming events and programs – UPDATED.


Hi everybody. 

I hope this newsletter finds you well and that you’re all keeping warm!

It’s certainly been an interesting few months hasn’t it!!

2020 so far has really tested our ability to adapt. We are extremely lucky to have a great Board and magnificent support from our members. 

To those members who have renewed their memberships this year I can’t thank you enough. Without your ongoing support we can’t grow into the life changing Foundation that we aspire to be.

I would like to say a special thanks to Jackie and Wayne Pemberton and Anna Gray who have shown very generous support over the past two years.

I would also like to thank Toyota Australia, CMI Toyota and Bendigo Bank for their ongoing support of our events and programs.

The two big projects planned for this year were the launch of the Regional Road Safety Alliance and the Perth Women Against Road Toll High Tea. These projects are still ready to go and I’ll keep you updated regarding dates etc.

Once again thank you for your support and as always can I ask that you spread the word and encourage your families and friends to join us as members so that our voice and presence continues to grow.

Lastly, a call to arms! I would love to see our membership grow even more this year. With greater numbers we have a greater voice. With more support we can make more of a difference. Please get your families and friends on board with us by asking them to become Associate Members. It’s just $25 a year but the difference it could make is huge. Also, please remember that we have Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts. Look us up so you and your loved ones can keep in touch and receive our road safety tips and updates.

Darren Davis – President.


As you may know, every year we invite you, our Associate Members to nominate yourself (or another member) for a twelve-month place on our Foundation Board. This is our way of ensuring that everyone has a chance to be an active part of the decision-making and direction of the Get Home Safe Foundation.

We are thrilled to welcome John Burke on to the Board for the next twelve months. 

John has well over 30 years experience in driver training and licencing and is currently on the team (with Darren) that travels to remote Aboriginal Communities for State Government to deliver driver training and awareness.


Here are some tips to help you stay safe on our roads during our winter.

  1. Keep back.It takes twice as long to stop on wet roads compared to dry roads. In icy conditions it takes even longer! Keep at least twice as far back as normal when following traffic to give you plenty of time to stop if needed.
  2. Slow down.Leave earlier when driving in wet conditions if you can. You really need to take your time so that you can arrive safely. Remember, it only takes one mistake from someone else for you to have to stop suddenly. You could avoid a crash if you drive a little slower in wet conditions.
  3. Respect the conditions.Wet roads increase the risk of losing control. Don’t assume that you can drive the same way as if the roads are dry. Once the outside temperature is 4C or lower there will be areas of the road that could form ice. Once you try to stop quickly on ice you are in trouble.
  4. Service your car.Before the cold and wet weather hits, it’s a great time to make sure that your car won’t let you down. Windscreen washer, oil, coolant/de-icer, lights, batteries and brakes are amongst the things that really need to be in good working order when driving at all times but especially in the winter months.
  5. Tyres.Your tyres need to have maximum grip when driving in all conditions. However, when the roads are wet and possibly icy it’s even more crucial that your car maintains as much grip on the road as possible. Make sure you know what the recommended pressure is for your tyres and always ensure that you have no damage anywhere on your tyres. The minimum legal tread depth for tyres is 1.5mm.
  6. Know your vehicle.Make sure you know where all of the relevant controls are that will help you stay safe. Ensure you know how to use the windscreen washers. Use air conditioning and demisting controls so that your windows stay clear. Use the rear window heater to keep your rear window clear.
  7. Keep your lights clean.Dirty headlights and tailgate lights could make it hard for others to see you in dark conditions. By keeping all of your lights clean you will see hazards more clearly and others will see you and know what you are doing.
  8. Just in case.Keep a blanket in the vehicle and make sure you have a charged mobile phone in case of an emergency (especially on long journeys).
  9. Stay focused.Don’t be distracted by anything apart from driving matters when driving in any conditions. When driving at night never have the interior light on. This will reduce your ability to see as much outside of the car. 
  10. Be covered.Join a vehicle breakdown service. If your vehicle does let you down it’s a comfort to know that someone will come to your aid.


We hope that each newsletter will give you a chance to meet fellow Associate Members. If you would like to be featured in a newsletter please email us members@gethomesafefoundation.organd we will ask you some questions for our Members’ chat section.

This edition features Gary Duncis. Gary has worked in the Driver Training and Licencing industry for over three decades and is a passionate supporter of the Get Home Safe Foundation.

Gary Duncis. Motor Driving Instructor and owner of the Gary Duncis Driving School, Gawler.

Where did you grow up and what memories do you have of your driving experiences as a new driver?

I grew up in the seaside town of Port Lincoln from 1953 to 1963, and Gawler 1963 to 1979.  

I passed my driving test in a “manual” Volkswagen beetle with a local policeman in 1970. My memories include the freedom, independence & responsibility that you feel when you are now driving by yourself, particularly driving approximately 50 km from Gawler to Prospect and return for tennis coaching on a Sunday morning. In those days it was a full driver’s licence, after only 6 months on your learners permit.  I made my “L” plate from masonite, painted the standard yellow & black with holes & wire to attach to the bumper bar. My father and a close family friend were my supervisory drivers at the time, and I never forgot on a drive on a gravel road how I managed to control a “slight slide”, by automatically reacting and steering against the “slight slide”.

Why are you interested in road safety?

To make our roads safer by extolling that each of us has a responsibility to reduce risks & improve decision-making. My passion is getting that message to novice drivers, including aboriginal people, the elderly and the disabled in the car & classroom sessions. It provides me with the opportunity to build knowledge, skills, attitude, decision-making & confidence in their driving. 

Why did you decide to become an Associate Member of the Get Home Safe Foundation?

To assist financially, and maybe, be a part of the network of contacts of the foundation.

Our State road toll is rising, as is the national toll. Do you believe that the general public are as aware as they should be regarding driver behaviours?

There is certainly evidence of poor behaviour of drivers on our roads on TV news services and print media. We see graphic pictures published and many billboards with safety messages. However, more can be done. Maybe harsher penalties & better education is the way forward.

As a parent, what is your hope moving forwards of road safety awareness and attitudes of our future generations of road users?

Improve driver training standards, including providing relevant information to assist qualified supervisory drivers. Driver education should become part of the school curriculum.




CMI Toyota is once again supporting this event. Existing tickets dated for May 29thwill be valid for October’s Reset Gala.

We would love to see as many of you as possible at this great event. Live entertainment, auctions, two course meal, drinks package, wine wall and a lot of fun!

Purchase your tickets here.

Regional Road Safety Alliance.

We were making plans to create and launch Australia’s first Regional Road Safety Alliance. The inaugural conference will hopefully take place later this year. 

We already have interest from many of the Regional groups as well as the possibility of forming an historic partnership (to be announced) with a major road safety organisation to help build the Alliance and transform regional road safety.

Adelaide Women Against Road Toll High Tea.

Our annual Women Against Road Toll High Tea is unchanged – Sunday November 15th. Tickets will be on sale soon for this very popular event.

We will again host the Tea at the wonderful Stamford Grand Hotel, Glenelg. Those who attended last year gave us amazing feedback and we are looking forward to another great day. 

The Get Home Safe Foundation supports National Road Safety Week.

There is a revised date for this important initiative. National Road Safety Week will now commence on November 9th and conclude on Sunday November 15th. The 15th is the date of our annual Women Against Road Toll High Tea and U.N. Day of Remembrance for Road Victims.

Primary Schools Poster Competition

Our annual South Australian poster competition is now open. 

This could be a great chance for children to involve their parents and to have family discussions about how to get to and from school safely on our roads.

Go to our home page or see how to enter

Year 10 Schools Road Safety

Save A Life Australia Year 10 Program.

 The Foundation supports this ground-breaking schools program. The program has been suspended until schools are able to host outsourced programs later in the year. 

Inaugural Perth Women Against Road Toll High Tea.

Plans are well advanced and we look forward to announcing a date for this event very soon.


All of us from the Foundation Board hope that you all stay safe and healthy