Spring Newsletter 2019

Newsletter – Spring 2019

Welcome to our second newsletter!

Why the daisy? Why we chose the daisy as our emblem flower.

Exciting announcement of our newest Ambassador.

A word from our President.

Board update.

Review of our inaugural Gala Evening.

Primary School Poster Competition 2019.

Upcoming events and programs.

Why the daisy?

Many of our Associate Members have asked why we have a Daisy as the emblem of the Foundation.  The Daisy Flower stands for new beginnings, which as a Foundation is something we want everyone to consider when using our roads, to break old habits and start anew. The daisy also represents innocence, purity and true love. The love that we have for our families should never be hindered by tragedies on our roads.


We are extremely excited to announce that Channel 7 Presenter Kelly Golding has joined our team as an Ambassador. Kelly started her television career as a weather presenter in 2003. She is currently a host of the popular Channel 7 show SA Weekender.

Kelly is a fantastic speaker and we are very lucky to be able to have her join us and speak at the upcoming Women Against Road Toll High Tea on November the 17th.

Kelly has a very personal reason for her enthusiasm of joining us. Her family has suffered the heartache of losing a loved one to road toll.

“I’m proud to support an organisation whose sole purpose is to keep people safe on our roads through awareness and education. I know the heart breaking feeling of loss with the tragic death of my brother Matthew in 2009, and the devastating ongoing effect on family and friends. I believe together we can make a difference.”

A word from our President.

Firstly, if you are reading this then you are supporting our cause. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping us to become something that will make a difference to many families.

Unfortunately, road safety is a difficult thing to measure regarding how much good is being done. Yes, we have statistics but they only tell us the amount of crashes and tragedies that have occurred. Statistics don’t tell us how many events we have managed to prevent. With this in mind it is so important that all of us continue to encourage safer behaviours from all road users.

As you may know, we are now well and truly into our second year as a Foundation. I was told last year that most Foundations (that start with nothing) tend to only last one to two years. I am extremely proud to say that already it looks like we are growing rather than folding! There have been many reasons for our survival through this notoriously difficult period. One of them is the expansion and support of an amazing and passionate Board. Mark Cook, Debbie Davis, Rosie Aust, Tracey Mills, Sam Davis and Brad Williams who make up our Board. I must also recognise the exceptional dedication and support from Debbie Baker who was one of the founding Board members.

The Board has an important role. It must ensure that the members’ funds are spent wisely so that the Foundation grows and is successful in supporting road safety initiatives and messaging. As a registered not for profit organisation, the Board must also ensure that we are acting in a legal and proper manner. I must also say that we are very lucky to have a Board that questions everything and never acts as a group of “Yes people”.

One of the Board’s aims for the first year was to create two events that would run annually. These events were to be designed to raise the profile of the Foundation, to raise funds to run the Foundation and of course most importantly to raise road safety awareness. The two events were not only created, but were both considered a great success. These events were the Women Against Road Toll High Tea and the Get Home Safe CMI Toyota Gala Evening.

Details of both events are in this newsletter but I must say that I was absolutely delighted with the support we received for both inaugural events, and I’m excited to say that both events will be locked in annually for many years to come.

In the past few months I have made connections with other road safety organisations both here in Australia and in the UK. More details will be announced once confirmed but I’m pleased to announce that we will be working very closely with the Australian Road Safety Foundation (ARSF) in the future. The ARSF is responsible for the national annual Fatality Free Friday campaign as well as other successful programs. With this new connection in mind, we will be holding our next Gala evening on May 29th 2020. This will be the next Fatality Free Friday in Australia (a heads up for you all, the colour theme of Fatality Free Friday is yellow!!)

I hope that if you get this in time you will support us at our second Women Against Road Toll High Tea. This will take place on Sunday the 17th of November and this year it will be at the beautiful Stamford Grand, Glenelg. Details in this newsletter.

Thank you again for your fantastic support

Darren Davis

Board expansion

There have been some changes to our Board structure since the last newsletter.

We are delighted to introduce our new Board Members:-

Tracey Mills, who has two young adult drivers, is passionate about road safety and bringing communities together to bring changes on our roads. Tracey has served on several Boards previously and is already proving to be a valuable Board Member.

Rosie Aust, who joined the Board earlier this year has many years professional experience in fundraising and is also passionate about Road Safety and The Get Home Safe Foundation. We are truly lucky to have Rosie and her experience on the Foundation Board.

Brad Williams is our Associate 12month tenure Board member joining the Board in July 2019. Brad is CEO of Williams Occupational Therapy which is an Occupational Therapy Practice specialising in driver assessment and training for drivers with a medical condition or disability. Brads passion and experience in   road safety and driver training is going to prove invaluable to the Foundation.

We would also like to thank previous Board Member Debbie Baker for her time spent on the Board. Debbie left the Board in June 2019, but continues to support the Foundation and the work we do.

CMI Toyota Get Home Safe Gala Evening 2019

Our inaugural Gala Evening took place at Ayers House on the 10thof August.

The evening was a great success with live music from up and coming South Australian duo Ella and Sienna treating guests with smooth acoustic music and wonderful harmonies.

Dance music was later played by the popular act Groove Brothers and Soul Sister. Almost everyone danced to some fantastic music from across the decades.

We were even treated by our President Darren who joined the band and sang some classic soul songs!

Most of the Board attended and looked the part. Here is Rosie, Darren, Sam, Brad and Debbie.

We raised over $3,000 whilst raising awareness of the Foundation and what we are trying to do. We must thank CMI Toyota once again for sponsoring the evening and Quin Wines for providing a dozen bottles of award winning wine that were auctioned during the evening.  Oceanhaze jewellery donated a beautiful necklace that also proved highly sought after in the auction.  And of course a huge thank you to all those who turned up on a cold and blustery night, not forgetting everyone who donated wine for the very popular “Wine Wall”. We couldn’t have done any of it without your help.

We sincerely thank the following companies who donated their support for our many prizes.

Ayers House, Beerenburg, Charlesworth Nuts, CMI Toyota, Food Tours Australia, Mollydooker Wines, Oceanhaze Jewellery, Oliver’s Taranga Vinyards, Pendleton Olive Estates, Quin Wines, Spring Gully Foods.

2019 Primary School Poster Competition Sponsored by Bendigo Bank

Our Primary School Poster Competition aims to encourage young students to have conversations about road safety with other students, teachers and their families. We are pleased to announce the entries doubled from last year across South Australia.  Our winning entry was from Divya at Goodwood Primary. A worthy winner in tough competition. Divya received her winning trophy and $100 in a Bendigo Bank Account. Second place winner received $50 and two third place entries both received $25 each.

Future events and programs.

Our Sports club program “Drive Like A Legend”will again be encouraging people of all ages who play sports to use their skills and awareness when using the roads. We are hoping to expand the program after the successful launch of the Get Home Safe Roundlast year at Glenelg Cricket Club.

Get Home Safe Foundation Road Safety Group Alliance

We are starting to gather momentum regarding our biggest project. The Get Home Safe Foundation Road Safety Group Alliance is starting to attract interest from around the State. In the coming months we will start to connect regional road safety groups with each other by becoming a central “hub” of support and knowledge. Regional road toll is extremely high and devastates whole communities. We want to help communities to have road safety groups that can make a real difference. Local people know their local problems. We want to support these groups and invite all road safety groups to join our alliance. Eventually, we will be hosting annual conferences and workshops so that these amazing volunteers will be even better equipped to make their communities safer.

Women Against Road Toll High Tea

Please join us for our second annual High Tea. This year our newest Ambassador Kelly Golding will be our guest speaker.

The Tea was a wonderful success last year at Ayers House and we are looking forward to enjoying the beautiful coastal surroundings of Glenelg this year at the Stamford Grand.

Tickets are $65 each with Associate Members able to buy up to ten tickets at the members price of $55 each.

If you would like to enjoy members rates for our events or would just like to support us by joining our cause please visit www.gethomesafefoundation.org/how-to-support-usand for just $25 (or more if you desire) you can join us as an Associate Member. Please tell your friends – the more members we have the more we can spread our road safety messages and the safer we all become.


Thank you for your continued support.

From the Get Home Safe Foundation Board.

Board Members;

Darren Davis – President

Debbie Davis – Secretary

Mark Cook – Treasurer

Rosie Aust

Tracey Mills

Brad Williams

Sam Davis

For any enquiries please contact us


Office; 08 8270 7558