The Get Home Safe Foundation has a vision for the future.

We understand the need to educate all generations with regard to road safety. With this in mind, our aim is to develop, deliver and support new programs as well as support existing programs that will enhance the safety of all generations in all areas of the country.

We would like to discuss ideas and possible programs with any organisation or group that would like or need our support. Use our contact us section to connect with us.

Programs we deliver or support and also plans for the future are listed below.

High Schools

The Foundation will continue to support the ground breaking schools and communities programs delivered by Save A Life Australia.

Where many other organisations are only just realising the effect and value of virtual reality education, the Save A Life Australia team have had an extremely popular and effective program in place for seven years. Bendigo Bank, CGU Insurance, Toyota Australia, and the Australian Driver Trainers Association (SA) support this rapidly growing program.

This program is aimed at Year 10 students and their parents.


Designed to address driver behaviours, the program highlights areas such as how to look after your mates, use of seatbelts, taking pride in responsible driving attitudes as well as the extremely experiential part of the sessions, which looks at how inattention through mobile phone use often ends in tragedy.

These sessions use a real vehicle, which makes for an extremely effective learning experience for students and even teachers! The sessions also tackle the subject of devastation experienced by parents, families, friends and even emergency services when driver and passenger behaviours result in life changing consequences.


Parents of the Year 10 students who take part in the Save A Life Australia program are also involved. They are invited by participating schools to attend an evening session that addresses how to choose the right kind of Driving Instructor, how to look for the safest possible first car, how to be more involved in the driver training sessions, road law updates and most essentially how to be good driver role models for their children.

For more information regarding this program visit Save A Life Australia.

Primary Schools

Our very first program is aimed at primary school students. Supported by Bendigo Bank, the Get Home Safe poster competition will encourage students to design a poster that reflects safe behaviours to and from school. This could be by representing safe driving by their parents or how to behave safely as pedestrians or cyclists.

Students will be encouraged to discuss getting home safe with teachers and families. As a Foundation, we strongly believe that whole families should be benefiting from our programs.

Senior Drivers

We want to be able to provide information to senior drivers that will help them and their families through the later years of their driving lives.

Knowing how to safely extend someone’s independence as a driver and helping the transition to a life without a driver’s licence is a specialist area.

We are lucky to have Darren Davis, the President of our Foundation, as he is amongst the most experienced in Australia in the field of senior driver training, assessing and support.

Cyclists And Pedestrians

We will be working with agencies across Australia to ensure that more education regarding safe road use is delivered to road users who do not have a licence and training regime.

Cyclist and pedestrian casualties and deaths are on the rise. The Get Home Safe Foundation is determined to help reverse this trend.

School Curriculum

We aim to discuss on a State and Federal level our plans to introduce more school based Driver Education programs. We would like “Driver Ed” to be a subject that can be chosen by students in High Schools. We would also like a “Driver Ed” subject to be introduced into Primary Schools.