In Their Memory

This page is dedicated to the people that have been tragically lost on our roads.

We hope that the stories you read will serve as a reminder to everyone of how precious life is and how we all need to continue to encourage every road user to take care and get home safe to their families.

If you would like to add to our memory page please email your details to us and we will be honoured to include your family story as a dedication to your loved one(s).

Shanae and Troy Lyall

She was the girl they called “Panda”, the tiny blonde who always looked out for the under-dog and was a high school student. He was the older brother who worked hard in the mining industry & dreamed big. They often didn’t go out together with Troy 20 yrs old working away & Shanae 16 yrs old busy with School & a casual job at the local bakery.

Troy home on holidays invited Shanae out with some other friends, they were both happy to spend some ” good time ” together. They had a BBQ tea & then headed out to Bute to join some other friends. On the way home from Bute, the driver lost control (inattentive driving) & crashed into a tree. Troy & Shanae were in the back seat, also with another passenger & a passenger & driver in the front. Troy died at the scene, Shanae was airlifted to Adelaide where she to passed away, both had suffered unimaginable horrific injuries. The Driver & other passengers had terrible injuries & these will affect them for the rest of their lives.

October 30th 2011 was the day our world plunged into HELL, we had lost our Two & only children Troy & Shanae, the most precious people in the world to us. All because of someone’s stupidity on the road! The ripple effect of losing Troy & Shanae was enormous, the grief affected not just us but their extended family, friends, co-workers, school peers & staff, Emergency workers (some of who knew Troy & Shanae), still to this day are affected by what they had to deal with on scene.

For us having to endure cremating our children, enduring 4 years of legalities almost killed us to. We struggle everyday with PTSD. Our family tree was severed at its trunk – no children, no grandchildren to cherish, no more Family celebrations – EVER All we can do now is try to keep getting the Road Safety message out there – the one thing YOU can do is make sure YOU GET HOME SAFE.

Lynette & Leigh Lyall

Brooke Richardson

Vicki McDougall lost her daughter in 2012.

“The frustrating thing for me as a mum was I had discussed texting and driving with her only 12mths prior to the accident. I think Brooke changed her ways for a while but then temptation set in again and unfortunately she couldn’t see the danger of risk taking while driving.

At the time there were no road safety messages about distracted driving and what I spoke to her about was inconceivable to her as she had been texting and driving in the past and was ok. The problem she didn’t see was it only takes one second for it to all go wrong.

Brooke was only 5km away from work and the text certainly could have waited. But she took the risk, veered onto the wrong side of the road and hit a tree head on doing 100kmph.

Our bubbly, generous caring girl passed away instantly. Sadly she will never have a family of her own and we are missing such a beautiful soul that made many people smile each day.

I now know that Brooke and I have something greater to do in this world and that there is a reason why she left us. Her story is needed so that change will occur.”