Autumn Newsletter 2020

For families…not for profit

Welcome to our Autumn newsletter!

  • We need to reset. OUR RESPONSE TO COVID-19. 
  • A word from our President.
  • A chat with one of our members – Katrina Green.
  • Upcoming events and programs – UPDATED.


As you will be aware, the world has become a different place in the last few months.

Later in this newsletter we will be announcing some changes in our events and programs scheduling.

As a Foundation we want to take this opportunity to look forward – to resetting our lives once the crisis is over. We will hopefully host our Gala later in the year and use it as a chance to reset life and start again with a fresh approach. We will certainly think about resetting the way we drive, and the way we communicate to our families (especially the younger family members) regarding driver behaviour.


Hi everybody. Firstly, I hope that you and your families are keeping well and safe in these testing times.

I have always been a “Glass half full” person so please forgive me if my positive spin on our situation doesn’t sit well with you.

I truly believe that once we are over this awful virus, we will emerge as a better society. With almost everyone having to slow down, here’s my chance to convince everybody that slowing down is a good thing, especially on the road. Surely what we can all take from this is that getting to our destination safely is far more important than getting there quickly!

I also believe that we really will be able to appreciate the need to reset our lives and behaviours for the good of everyone.

Never before has it been more important for people to join us in our quest to promote family conversations, better role modelling behaviours and safer driving.

Sadly, I’m hearing that many charities and not for profit organisations will not survive this current economic climate. 

I can assure all of you that fortunately we have managed to build a stable base for our foundation and that we will definitely come through the other side. 

The survival of the Get Home Safe Foundation is due to every one of our Associate Members who have shown their support by paying their $25 (or more in some cases) which has helped us to not only develop new road safety programs but also allowed us to host fund raising events that have been crucial to our survival. To every single one of you, thank you so very much.

Of course the other reason for our survival is our incredible Board. Each and every one of them has worked so hard over the past year to help build our Foundation.

I’ll sign off by asking all of you to continue your support of the Get Home Safe Foundation. This year’s road toll so far is even worse than last year’s disastrous toll. WE MUST KEEP WORKING TOGETHER TO STOP PEOPLE DYING.

Please help us by buying tickets to our Gala. We are calling it the “Reset Gala”. If you already have tickets that are dated for May 29th, they will be valid for the new date. Please encourage family and friends to join you and let’s have a bloody good time to help us out of our current slump.

Lastly, a call to arms! I would love to see our membership grow even more this year. With greater numbers we have a greater voice. With more support we can make more of a difference. Please get your families and friends on board with us by asking them to become Associate Members. It’s just $25 a year but the difference it could make is huge. Also, please remember that we have Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts. Look us up so you and your loved ones can keep in touch and receive our road safety tips and updates.


We hope that each newsletter will give you a chance to meet fellow Associate Members. If you would like to be featured in a newsletter please email us and we will ask you some questions for our Members’ chat section.

This edition features Katrina Green. Katrina joined soon after our launch and attended both the Gala and the Women Against Road Toll High Tea last year.

 Katrina Green – Get Home Safe Foundation Associate Member and Owner of Dragonfly Virtual Services

Where did you grow up and what memories do you have of your driving experiences as a new driver?

I grew up in the northern suburbs of Munno Para where I still am today. My schooling years were spent at Munno Para Primary School and Gepps Cross Girls High School. My experience as a new driver really didn’t get off to a great start. The day I got my learners permit I was so excited that my dad came home and took me over to the shopping centre car park when it closed. I quickly learnt that there was a BIG difference between sitting a written test to get my permit and sitting behind the wheel. My first driving lesson with my dad lasted 5 minutes. I put my foot on the accelerator a little too hard that I jumped the kerb and landed on top of a bush which put a hole in the radiator. After that Dad didn’t let me touch the accelerator for a while and sent me off to get proper driving lessons. This was most certainly the best thing as I didn’t have to have the pressure of learning to drive from my parents and was able to become confident on the road. 

   Why are you interested in road safety?

With traffic on our roads becoming increasingly busy it is important for all of us to teach children from a young age to be aware of the traffic rules and regulations. Years ago, children could ride down the street without a care in the world, but times have changed and with more cars, scooters, bikes, motorbikes, buses and trams on the road than ever it is imperative we all stay safe.

Why did you decide to become an Associate Member of the Get Home Safe Foundation?

I have seen so many road accidents as all of us have and I have known people personally have been involved in them. However the passing of our local school principal due to a road accident and the impact that it had on the entire school community really made me sit back and realise that there needs to be more done to reduce the increasing road toll and the best way for this is to support initiatives that provide better driver awareness which will in turn lead to safer roads

Our State road toll is rising, as is the national toll. Do you believe that the general public are as aware as they should be regarding driver behaviours?

Absolutely not. I think that as drivers we take the responsibility for granted. Having a licence to drive is a privilege and not a right. If we think about how much time we do spend in our cars, even if it is a small trip around the corner, if we are not giving the road and surroundings the full attention that it needs then that privilege can be taken away in a split second. Often drivers don’t take their responsibility on the road seriously until their loved one’s are hurt or they are hurt themselves – but that’s when it’s too late.

As a parent, what is your hope moving forwards of road safety awareness and attitudes of our future generations of road users?

While there are driver awareness programs that are provided to students as they get to the stage in their lives of getting their licence, they already have the behaviours and habits installed in them from when they were younger. There needs to be better programs that are a part of the school learning that are dedicated to road safety awareness and this needs to include involvement from parents. At the end of the day our children learn from our driving behaviours so we as parents need to set a good example and there needs to be more discussion around road safety for all ages.





CMI Toyota is once again supporting this event. Existing tickets dated for May 29thwill be valid for October’s Reset Gala.

Please continue to purchase tickets. 

August is Regional Road Safety Month.We were making plans to host the first Regional Road Safety Alliance conference in the lead up to August. With the current situation we will need more time to communicate with the groups regarding the conference. We are still hopeful that this event will take place at this time.

Our annual Women Against Road Toll High Tea is unchanged – Sunday November 15th.

We will again host the Tea at the wonderful Stamford Grand Hotel, Glenelg. Those who attended last year gave us amazing feedback and we are looking forward to another great day. 

The Get Home Safe Foundation supports National Road Safety Week.

There is a revised date for this important initiative. National Road Safety Week will now commence on November 9th and conclude on Sunday November 15th. The 15th is the date of our annual Women Against Road Toll High Tea and U.N. Day of Remembrance for Road Victims.

Primary Schools Poster Competition.

Our annual South Australian poster competition will hopefully still go ahead. We will be communicating with schools and may change the completion slightly due to the likelihood of schools conducting online learning during Term 2. We hope to make this year’s competition an online one. This could be a great chance for children to involve their parents and to have family discussions about how to get to and from school safely on our roads.

Save A Life Australia Year 10 Program.

 The Foundation supports this ground-breaking schools program. The program has been suspended until schools are able to host outsourced programs later in the year. 


All of us from the Foundation Board hope that you all stay safe and healthy.